The best at-home face mask(s) ever

Skincare post! It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those. Just because I’m not blogging about it, doesn’t mean I’m not still obsessed with ways to make my skin look better.

Goals: moisture, redness reduction, age prevention.

Reality: spend literally hundreds of dollars on products that seem to work, then stop working and clutter up my bathroom cabinet.

Then I found this book:


Not only did it teach me how to make my own facial oils but it got me thinking about the ingredients I’ve been putting on my face. Why spend 20 bucks on an astringent when lemon juice is the most potent, effective astringent there is? Honey is known for its healing and antibacterial properties, what could it do for inflamed, irritated skin?

So I researched and experimented and dug up another favourite repurposing-for-skincare staple – Aspirin! It contains salicylic acid and Willow Bark, both naturally anti-inflammatory. You crush 5-6 non-coated tablets up with enough water to form a paste and voila (you can also add milk or honey).

So that’s my new regime:

  • Step 1 – Lemon Juice – lightens dark spots, helps the healing of scars and exfoliates
  • Step 2 – Aspirin – soothing, softening and, depending on how thoroughly you crush the tablets, also a gentle exfoliaant
  • Step 3 – Honey – healing, anti aging and moisturizing (make sure to use raw, organic, unpasteurized honey for the best effect)

Photo on 2014-09-30 at 9.46 PM #2 Wine contains grapes whose skins contain Resveratrol, which is anti-aging, so.

You can combine the steps into one mask, but I like the step-by-step process and let me tell you, when you’re done, you won’t believe how insanely soft your skin feels.

Try it!

Rescue Remedies: The Big Three


The fact that it’s cold outside isn’t news anymore. This is a seriously cold and snowy winter and I’m already in full-on hermit mode. When I do go out, I have to wrap my scarf as high on my face as possible so my skin doesn’t get frost bite. When I’m inside, I have to constantly run my humidifier to combat the dry, static-y air central heating produces. My skin can’t win! So, until the weather becomes a little more agreeable, I’m combating the elements as best I can with some kick-ass products. Beauty post!


I love a good, long bath. I typically soak in Epsom salts, a few drops of lavender essential oil, coconut oil and sometimes even hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, this formula isn’t working for my winter skin. Even with the coconut oil, my skin gets tight and dry after the bath. Then I discovered the best and possibly the only bath formula I want to use from now on, for always: Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Milk & Oat Bath. It’s organic, it smells amazing, it doesn’t clump up like other colloidal oatmeal baths and it moisturizes my skin like nothing else. I buy them in individual packets at the health food store and at less than two bucks, you have no reason not to try this out.

impruv-cream-150-ml-for-dry-sensitive-skin-600x600More than once I’ve gone out in search of the perfect day and night creams/oils/serums to combat dry skin. I’ve consulted with experts, tested regimes and became more and more frustrated as nothing seemed to help. Then a friend of mine asked me why I wasn’t still using Impruv. Impruv is a drugstore moisturizer a dermatologist recommended to me back in 2004. I used it for YEARS and turned friends and family into loyal users. To. This. Day. I have never found a better moisturizer. I don’t know why it’s so good. It doesn’t even have a website! The next time I go in search of something better, slap me.


Once again, a drugstore miracle. I have spent upwards of $40 on lotions, looking for something that keeps my bod moisturized for longer than a couple of hours. Then, while my Mom was visiting, she commented on how great my mini Lubriderm hand cream was (it really is the shit) and decided to pick up a big bottle of the Daily Moisture lotion. She left it behind and now I’m obsessed with it – it’s light, locks in moisture (I sound like a commercial) and sinks in quickly. I’d always rather use something all-natural but when dealing with bitter winter weather, I loosen up on my preferences. I also find that oils in the winter have a hard time penetrating my skin, so not even coconut oil is working for me. This is really the best thing I’ve tried, I swear.

So there you are, my three favourite products for combating dry, winter skin. All cheap and all extremely effective. Don’t forget to hydrate – lemon water, hot tea, fresh juice – it’s more about what we put into our bodies than what we put onto our bodies. And sunscreen. Always use sunscreen.

We’re going to make it through the winter guys. We’re gonna be OK.

girl crush: Shailene Woodley

I’ll admit that I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Like maybe 5 eps. total. The lead character didn’t strike me as particularly special then and I was surprised when she got cast in The Descendants with Clooney. That’s a huge get for a TV actress on an easily forgettable (although maybe future cult classic) show. But then she hit the junked/red carpet circuit and I developed a huge crush on Shailene Woodley.

She’s beautiful in an easy way; she hardly ever wears makeup. Her style choices are often criticized for being too “mature”, but the fact that she doesn’t want to dress like Miley Cyrus only makes me like her more. In her spare time, girlfriend is studying to be a herbalist, so she said on the Oscar red carpet. Possibly true or maybe she just likes one herb in particular. Loving her more!

A down girl destined for big things, I think.


(See, doesn’t she seem cool?)

Images via Malibu, ASOS and InStyle