TFGIT – the second wedding edition

Today is my Friday since tomorrow I fly to Edmonton for my sister’s second wedding (blessing, pardon me). I’m still homeless but the walls are up in my apartment and I’m hoping that next week might be THE week I get to finally go home. I’m dead sick of living out of suitcases and, while the Delta Chelsea is a nice place to crash, Younge and Dundas is not. Get me out of here!

My most important item to pack for this trip is:

This is going to make all my Carrie Bradshaw full, high bun dreams come true. You basically plop it on your head and cover it with your hair and, voila, insta-bun. To clarify, this is the look I’m going for:

And like Carrie Bradshaw (circa Season 1-3), I am too frazzled to do normal things like book colour touch-ups in time so in brassy desperation, I took Courteney Cox’s advice and tried this:

L’oreal Brass Banisher. It works guys. Clariol makes a brunette version.

I know! I was surprised too. I better pull this look together. Wish me luck.

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