The best at-home face mask(s) ever

Skincare post! It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those. Just because I’m not blogging about it, doesn’t mean I’m not still obsessed with ways to make my skin look better.

Goals: moisture, redness reduction, age prevention.

Reality: spend literally hundreds of dollars on products that seem to work, then stop working and clutter up my bathroom cabinet.

Then I found this book:


Not only did it teach me how to make my own facial oils but it got me thinking about the ingredients I’ve been putting on my face. Why spend 20 bucks on an astringent when lemon juice is the most potent, effective astringent there is? Honey is known for its healing and antibacterial properties, what could it do for inflamed, irritated skin?

So I researched and experimented and dug up another favourite repurposing-for-skincare staple – Aspirin! It contains salicylic acid and Willow Bark, both naturally anti-inflammatory. You crush 5-6 non-coated tablets up with enough water to form a paste and voila (you can also add milk or honey).

So that’s my new regime:

  • Step 1 – Lemon Juice – lightens dark spots, helps the healing of scars and exfoliates
  • Step 2 – Aspirin – soothing, softening and, depending on how thoroughly you crush the tablets, also a gentle exfoliaant
  • Step 3 – Honey – healing, anti aging and moisturizing (make sure to use raw, organic, unpasteurized honey for the best effect)

Photo on 2014-09-30 at 9.46 PM #2 Wine contains grapes whose skins contain Resveratrol, which is anti-aging, so.

You can combine the steps into one mask, but I like the step-by-step process and let me tell you, when you’re done, you won’t believe how insanely soft your skin feels.

Try it!

shh, listen – Father John Misty


I’m Writing a Novel was the first Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman song I ever heard. The first song that stuck, anyway. I still get lost in its story- the Hunter S-esque pace of events. When “Violet whips her hair” I can see the leather and mirror and neon of the strip club. It’s a great. fucking. song. The video’s pretty great too.

Maybe this one’s better? I don’t know! They’re all really good.

Other things I’ve learned about Josh Tillman:

But mainly, I love his songs. And he should have more out soon because these are two years old.

(oh wait and he’s a drummer who sings. Drummers who sing are my favrourite- case in point)

just great



You know when you’re just starting to get sick and there’s that annoying tickle in the back of your throat/deep deep down in your chest? That’s what’s up and I can only assume the tickle is the epicentre of a massive flu developing inside of me. It’s coming and I’m battering down for it – fresh oranges, white bread, freezies and Neocitran. And Netflix. And cozy sweat pants. And calls home to my Mom where I whine and she does the Mom “tut tut tut” thing, which makes me feel better.

Is it weird that I kind of welcome getting sick? It’s a break from the buzz. My mind goes quiet in the fever fog and I can just be with myself, not thinking about all the million other things I could/should be doing.

The only thing missing is the Kitten.

earth angels


How are you? Are you settling into the Fall, or still holding onto Summer? Maybe you’re too busy to notice how you feel about the seasons. Maybe you’re like me –  full-speed ahead at all times until you glance up, weeks later, wondering where the time went. But really, it’s not that life’s passing, it’s me not paying attention to it.

On Monday I was on my way to LaGuardia, typing furiously into my phone, stressing about the emails I wasn’t getting (data roaming, no thanks) and generally having kind of a crap day. It was really hard to find a car and the one that I did find was cash-only, but I didn’t have enough American cash to cover the total. So I asked if I could pay by card.

“I’m sorry but I don’t take credit,” the driver said.

“What do you mean you don’t take credit?” I snapped (I did! I totally snapped at the poor guy)

He shrugged. So then I told him:

“I guess I’ll have to give you the difference in Canadian” Super bratty move. American’s usually scoff at Canadian currency. It’s like Monopoly money to them. But instead:

“Sure,” he said, and shrugged again. “I never had Canadian money before, Maybe I’ll hold onto this – it’s a pretty green colour, this bill.”


Then he asked me if I was comfortable and if I would ike a bottle of water. His energy was so calm and kind, it slowed my roll. I put down my phone and made a conscious decision to relax. We chatted the entire way to the airport – these were deep chats, let me tell you – about finding peace through meditation, the importance of supporting people, being present with others and forgiveness.

Life is precious. The right moment is always now, no question,” he told me. I shook his hand when I got to the terminal. He never even told me his name.

While waiting for the plane, I started something for work that I was anxious to finish, so when I got to my seat I pulled out my laptop and kept going. Next to me, a sweet little Indian lady fidgeted in her seat, smiling whenever I looked over at her. She wanted to talk, but I wanted to work. Here was an opportunity to practice being present. I closed my laptop, smiled back and introduced myself.

I learned that she was heading to Toronto for a 40+ year reunion with her University classmates, who were flying in from all over the world. This was her first visit to Canada.

“I’m so proud of my friends. Everyone has achieved such great success. And not just that they have made money, because that’s not the most important thing,” she told me. “I’m proudest most of the joy my friends have found and that we still care for each other, after all these years. Life is so very precious, isn’t it?”

It’s pretty clear the universe is trying to tell me something. I need to slow down – put away my phone, quiet my mind, be here now.



summer of instagram


There were a lot of weddings.


Which meant a ton of time spent with the best of buds. This was snapped well after the dance floor had been dismantled at Camp Wakonda. I think every Summer wedding should be followed by a bonfire.


My brother and his boyfriend came to visit for World Pride. So we went on Ru Paul’s Drag Race boat cruise, obviously.


Shantay, sail away (oh and I went back to being a redhead)


There were cottage chills (Oh, Inver)


Sometimes maybe a little too chill.


Fun times in the city were sort of few and far between this summer. Partly because we only ever wanted to party on the Island (more below) and also because my new job kept me so busy.


That’s right – I finally got my dream job and flew to NYC for the uptake. Literally ran into this wall on my morning run through Greenpoint one day and took a moment to reminisce about how far I had come. (Never give up!)


This new human came into existence and life is all the better for it. Eva Catherine, my niece/god-daughter/middle-namesake and I met for the very first time this summer. I think she’s going to be a ginger like her Auntie.


After the Arcade Fire concert I went to The Ex and somehow managed to get on every ride for free. When they shut down the park we ran into the darkened fun house like hooligans.


I finally got aboard my good friend’s boat for a Magic Hour cruise and lake swim. Before this day I had never swam in Lake Ontario. We sailed over to the “clean” side of the island and dropped anchor. One, two, three and we were in and it was awesome.


Marina hangs were the hands-down highlight of the Summer. Whenever we’d all go over – inevitably too late to sail or swim – we’d light a fire on the beach or mosey over to the Upper Deck Bar, where there’s always live music on the outdoor patio. I can’t think of any other place in Toronto where outdoor dancing is such a regular thing. Boat culture in this city rules, how did it take me so long to figure that out?

I can’t believe Summer’s over, but Fall is shaping up to be great too, so there’s that.

Time flies.