The 2014 Wrap-Up

This is my fifth sixth (!) year doing a wrap-up post – I love them. I love looking back through them. If you think this blog isn’t really just my diary than you’re dead wrong.

2014 was a beautiful year. Nothing like its most recent predecessors. I landed my dream job. I traveled with my family (Florida!) and close friends. I went to a ton of weddings. A new human was born whom I will love for ever and ever. Etc.

As many really wonderful things that happened, incredibly sad things happened, too. The Kitten died, pretty suddenly, and I learned that mourning a pet is a real thing not to be taken lightly. Just last month, my Nanny passed away and I’m still trying to figure out how to process that. Other stuff, too, not really blog-able, diary be damned.

And yet, in hindsight, in total, this was one of the best years of my life. I feel different because of it. I’m not so worried about 2015 being “the best ever” or resulting in anything tangible. I just want to spend time being happy with the people that I love. What else is there?

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Blue Hour

Can you tell I’m slowly letting this blog go? I think it’s almost time.

I’ve been in Grande Prairie, Alberta since the 19th. We are at my sister’s house in the woods with her two kids. It’s the first time my whole family’s been together for Christmas in five years. In two weeks we’ll all gather again in Newfoundland, for a funeral. Nanny died. More on that another time.

Back to the the woods. It’s beautiful here. I’m reading Lorna Crozier’s The Blue Hour of the Day and it makes sense that she’s from the prairies, too. It’s blue here in the morning and the evening. In between, the sky is a series of pastels. Everything is frozen. The stars at night overwhelm me.


the first


There are two moments each year I choose as “the first” – the first time I notice that alllll the leaves are out in the spring and the first time it snows, like really snows – big, fat feathery-light flakes that stick to everything they land on. It might not technically be the moment all the leaves are out and maybe it’s already snowed a little, but it’s more about that moment of pause when I stop and look and think “The first.

It happened tonight. Actually, I can tell you exactly where I was – across the street from the Church at the corner of Queen and Bellwoods. A huge snowflake landed on my eyelashes, totally obstructing my vision for a second, then melted right away – vanished- and I looked up and the entire sky was a freshly shaken snow globe. So I took off my hat, put on this song and just like that, it was winter.


as of late


1. Halloween was incredible. We nailed our Arrested Development costume (sans a Lindsay or Michael but Lindsay’s are everywhere in Toronto and Michael is a wet blanket so, whatever.)

2. I went antiquing in Orono with Kristen on probably the most perfect Fall day (turns out we made the same trip almost one year ago exactly). On the drive out we sped past an old country western town, built on the side of the road and obviously slammed on the brakes, did a u-turn and explored that shit. At first we were alone but then, as I wandered out of the enormous event-space-worthy barn, I saw an actual Sherif in the distance practicing his gun slinging. Turns out the owner lives on site in a “hotel” with his “mother” (I never saw the mother so you know where I’m going with the ” ” ‘s).

3. In Docville (that’s the name of the town), I sat in and subsequently bought a rocking chair (20 bucks!) that folds up and is exceptionally comfortable and, as a result of said purchase, am enjoying my apartment way more than I have in a long time. Everything in a rocking chair from now on. (I’m old, yo)

4. We took Tom’s boat to the mainland marina today because it’s November and winter is now. I don’t know how to mentally prepare myself for winter. I get anxiety at the very thought of February. It’s too early to be sweating it this much. I’m screwed.

5. Astrology Zone has gone downhill. I mean, it’s not Susan Miller’s fault because she’s ill but I need more from my monthly horoscope and I know you do, too. So I highly recommend AstroStyle – ok HOLD UP before you judge the book by it’s cover, just click through to your sign and you’ll see what I mean. Very thorough. If you’re a fellow Libra then *clutch pearls* we’re in for a hell of a month. But we got through 2012 so we can do anything, right?




TFGIF – c’est l’halloween

Halloween on a Friday is either the best thing that ever happened or a huge mistake. I have a whole weekend to recover from tonight and I will probably need every minute.

This year I’ve got a group costume going and it is going to be epic:


Happy Halloween! Do the Mash!

(Can you guess which character I’m going as?) Continue reading


About a month ago, I planned my 34th birthday. I was going to take the day off of work, go hiking and then go out for ramen with my friends at night. Simple. Easy. A great combination of everything I love, in one day (outdoors, friends, food, fun). The night before, I was in bed, in a hoodie, watching TV-on-the-computer and texting with my best friend. “What are you doing for midnight?” she asked me. “This,” I answered, and sent her a snap of my hoodie-clad, bed-dwelling self. Half an hour later at 11:55, she was suddenly at my door, champagne in hand. We toasted and she gave me the most amazing gift – a model water tower she found in an antique store (I’m weirdly obsessed with water towers).



The next morning, we went hiking in the woods near Caledon. It was the sunniest, mildest Fall day and every fifteen steps, the scenery changed: from a carpet of bright yellow leaves, to pale, swaying fields and green rolling hills to mossy rocks and dark, pine-needle woods.

Back in the city, I got ready for ramen. I had booked the party table at my favourite noodle joint, Ryoji, something I have always wanted to do (it’s an awesome table). Everyone came – I mean, everyone! I haven’t had a birthday party that well-attended since elementary school. Seriously, my whole heart was full. I have the greatest friends.

As for 34, I’m not sure yet. What I mean is, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about it. I’m don’t feel old but I’m pretty sure I’m old. Then again, as a 25 year-old reminded me today, age is irrelevant (so easy for him to say). Still. I think it’s always good to take stock and pause to recognize these kinds of milestones. And to put down words, like I’m doing here, to remember it.

Next year, though. Oof.


the giving with the thanks

Fall Blur

Thanksgiving’s OK. This year I spent it cat-sitting for Faith, partly because I love cats and miss mine and partly because I like to spend the least amount of time in my apartment as possible since said Kitten died. Still!

So I lived in Bloordale for three days – ran along the rail path, drank at 3 Speed and Bar Neon, cuddled with Faith’s cat Penny and spent some quality time with other Thanksgiving orphans like myself. These little holiday’s are annoying when you’re far from home, like Easter – who travels for Easter? Instead you stay put and get to wander the ghost town the city becomes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.47.28 PM

Last night I got lucky and was invited to my friends’ second annual Misfits Thanksgiving dinner. I took Nick who is in town for the launch of some furniture he designed at Klaus Nienkamper. Nick is really cool, see:

I’m obviously thankful for my family, but these smaller holidays remind me how lucky I am to have such amazing friends. I’m constantly surrounded by smart and interesting people who I have real connections with. They are teachers and architects, environmental specialists and engineers, business owners and brokers – the most random professional assortment of close-as-hell people you could ever put together. You know who you are and you know that I love you, because I tell you all the time. I know I’m lucky and that’s why I’m thankful.

To you and yours. XO