The Sciences Sing a Lullabye – Albert Goldbarth


It has been April for 13 days. In those 13 days it has gone from winter to spring and, like all organisms around here, I’m busy waking up. Too busy to blog about muddy hikes in the woods, bare ankles, or the return of Magic Hour.  So busy that I forget that April is National Poetry Month. But now that I’ve slowed down and I know what’s up, I’m back to share some of my favourite poems. And blog about those other things, eventually.

First up this year, a poem that explains everything and soothes me completely:  “The Sciences Sing a Lullaby” by Albert Goldbarth

Physics says: go to sleep. Of course
you’re tired. Every atom in you
has been dancing the shimmy in silver shoes
nonstop from mitosis to now.
Quit tapping your feet. They’ll dance
inside themselves without you. Go to sleep.

Geology says: it will be all right. Slow inch
by inch America is giving itself
to the ocean. Go to sleep. Let darkness
lap at your sides. Give darkness an inch.
You aren’t alone. All of the continents used to be
one body. You aren’t alone. Go to sleep.

Astronomy says: the sun will rise tomorrow,
Zoology says: on the rainbow-fish and lithe gazelle,
Psychology says: but first it has to be night, so
Biology says: the body-clocks ae stopped al over town
History says: here are the blankets, layer on layer, down and down

March 32

I hate, hate, HATE April Fool’s Day. I always fall for something. This year, before I had a chance to really wake up, my 8-month pregnant sister texted that she had gone into labour early in the morning and had delivered twins, both about 7 lbs and both of them boys. Now, I know she is not pregnant with twins, but I also know that it’s entirely possible that one baby can go undetected (she called the second baby a “master hider”). But before I could think rationally about it, I started to seriously bawl – like, ugly happy cry. Then I realized what day it was. There was only about a minute and a half of foolery but I’m still emotionally recovering.


*Greendale = Everywhere

shh, listen – Afterlife

Saturday night my friends got together for an impromptu pizza party. I was tired from the night before and chilled from a long, boot-soaking walk in High Park that afternoon. I bought three cans of beer and decided that the time it took to drink them would be how long I stayed out. But then, I got filled up on pizza and belly laughs and the warm feeling you get from spending time with great friends. Eventually, the party moved towards the record player (as parties are wont to do) we threw on the new Arcade Fire album, and we fucking danced. You know how some songs make your insides want to burst, they’re so good? Afterlife is one of those for me. Total night saver.

PS – I may or may not have tried to recreate Greta Gerwig’s performance at the YouTube Music Awards:

spring…sort of

20130727-194438It’s the first day of spring. There is nothing about this season I like other than it’s right before summer. Rain, melted snow garbage, in-between weather where it’s too hot for a coat in the day and too cold to go without in the night – Spring is the tedious friend you care about but don’t particularly care for.

But still. Spring.

Spring is like a perhaps hand (which comes carefully out of Nowhere)arranging a window,into which people look(while people stare arranging and changing placing carefully there a strange thing and a known thing here)and changing everything carefully – e.e. cummings

Star Stuff

cosmos2 cosmos1

In case you didn’t know, Cosmos is back. Carl Sagan hosted the original series in the 80′s, to huge acclaim (it’s still the most widely watched PBS program in the world) and now it has returned, with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as the host.

I love space. I’m teaching myself to read constellations and understand, a little better, how we came to be. Learning about the universe has profoundly changed the way I think about life and I’m SO PUMPED this show is back. If you’ve not seen the pilot, you can try watching it here (Canada) or here (US).


TFGIF – the really good movie edition


I don’t know what you’ve got planned for this weekend but if you have a spare couple of hours, I think you should watch About Time. It was sold as a rom-com and I guess it does have those elements, but that’s not even a portion of what this beautiful, beautiful movie represents. It’s about family and love and discovery and loss. It breaks your heart in the most unexpected of ways but still manages to leave you with…hope? I guess joy, too. There’s a message in this movie that, when you get it, has the force to bowl you over. It bowled me over, at least. As someone who is always looking forward to the “next thing”, I needed it.

I will say no more. WATCH IT.

And Happy Weekend dudes. xo